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Wood Decks & Accessory Buildings


Decks are such a great feature for any home. Whether you plan to live in your home forever or sell it soon, a deck will benefit you either way. Benefits to build a deck onto your home include adding living space to your home for more entertaining space or providing a personal getaway spot and getting a great return on your investment.

The option to resurface a deck is great for those who want the total makeover experience without the stress and expense of a major renovation. It still gives you a whole new deck, but it builds on what you’ve already got. 

Garage/Accessory Building:

Renovate or replace? Before you do anything, you need to find out what your local zoning department will allow. Generally there is more leeway when modifying or repairing existing structures. Building new generally requires that current codes and set backs be adhered to. You don't want to tear it down and then find out you can't replace it or be restricted so much that the new structure will be less useful.

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